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Road Map

Our Roadmap

  • This is a collection of what I learned on this course summarized by me.
  • This was when I learned about many various concepts about the Internet, and primarily website creation and design. It was a very interesting experience learning about the history of the Internet and it was fun to create my very own website, using this knowledge.
  • This period was when I was starting to learn the basics of HTML. This coding language allowed me to create websites that although were simple, they were making me use my creativity.
  • In this period of my adventure, I learned about "Cascading Style Sheets" or CSS. This language allowed me to furthur customize the look of my websites.
  • And that leads me to where I am now, learning about this complex, yet fascinating language called "JavaScript". This language allows me to make my websites much more complex than ever before, now that I can customize the behavior of different elements

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