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Children in Need Token (CIN) is the WORLD’s FIRST cryptocurrency dedicated to the wellbeing of children all over the world with the option of direct donation.

It allows investors to actively and passively make a huge difference to those that need it most. We have simplified our mission in our slogan, MAKE BIG CHANGE FOR SMALL PEOPLE.

When you purchase the token for your own portfolio you will be contributing to our vaulted charity wallet and you will also have the ability to vote on a monthly basis on where the charity

We have also put it on the BSC network which makes it incredibly easy and cheap to trade and very simple to hold.

We are currently developing a process that will allow you to buy or invest directly using you visa card. (Watch this space)

IDO/ICO – MAY 2021
(Initial Decentralised Exchange/Initial Coin Offering)

We will be completing what we call a “fair stealth launch” that will generate funds for our liquidity that we will lock away with no ability to access. Our IDO/ICO will be limited to 500 BNB – with a hard cap of 10 BNB per purchase to limit whale involvement.
you visa card. (Watch this space)


We have created a token that rewards holders for supporting charities with a 4% redistribution of fees on each sale and purchase made. This means as you hold the token its value will grow in two ways. 1- in its quantity (the number of tokens will increase daily as you hold them) 2 – the market cap (total $ amount invested) and therefore the value will increase as we get more and more investors and charity partners.

We also encourage our investors to HODL (hold the coin) through any short-term dips in value by entering holders in to monthly competitions automatically. The longer you hold, the more automatic entries you will get to the ongoing incentives. Imagine receiving a message to tell you that you have just won a whole bitcoin or a brand-new AudiR8 just for holding on to the coin which is already making you money whilst you sleep.

The sale breakdown, aka protocol is 5% Chairty vaulted wallet, 4% redistributed to holders, 1% burn.


Uniquely and unlike any other charity crypto out there – we have created a charity address which will allow you to donate directly and anonymously. Meaning 100% of the money you put in to the charity address will go to those that need it most. (This option means you will not get tokens or an investment yourself, but we feel it is important that our community are given this as an option) please see website for details.

We are also working hard to develop a pay using VISA option amd hope to have this launched before Q2.


The “Founding Mother” is passionate about doing things properly and has a real focus on attention to detail. She is a loving mother, an amazing wife and inspirational business woman. Her ability to tap in to new ideas, create new content and build sustainable business models is second to none. She has set herself the challenge of getting to 1000x by the end of Q3 for all our investors and of course our charity partners.

The “Founding Father” of CIN token has a background in two worlds, The charity world and the corporate business world. These two skills have come together to create this unique offering. He is equally dedicated to ensuring the investors see a solid ROI and that our charity partners receive as much as is possible toward their amazing causes. He is a father of two, husband, and dedicated family man with a passion for helping others to succeed.


An innovative and forward-thinking team has put 100’s hours in to ensuring the viability of this project and the longevity. We have created it in such a way to ensure growth and reward for all our members/investors as well as our charity partners and community. We have understood what does and doesn’t work in this space and we are all early investors in to multiple successful projects from Bitcoin, Etherium, and Binance through to MATIC, CardStarter and the occasional Meme project like Safemoon, Shiba Inu, SafeBTC as well as other great charity projects like Orfano and HappyCoin.

We have a dedicated team of IT experts, Coding experts, Videographers, Marketing and sales experts that all share one thing…. a passion for what they do. they are all excited to be part of this project and you will see what the results of this positive approach will be.


It goes without saying that we want all of our investors to succeed and to be profitable and we would consider that we have arguably done more behind the scenes than any other project to ensure that there is something new every week, month and quarter to keep that upward trend and to constantly add to the momentum and ROI.

We also have many incentives for our investors that will be revealed in due course that will hugely reward holders of the coin, Including, but not limited to, a full Bitcoin and Tesla or AudiR8 give-away. We have ambitious goals that go from 1 x to over 1000 x

However, CIN TOKEN is a token born out of a real desire for change. Our moto “BIG CHANGE FOR SMALL PEOPLE” is something we really believe in. We plan to donate $100,000 in our first quarter and allow our community to choose where exactly that goes.


To billions of people around the world the number 8 is considered extremely lucky, they can’t all be wrong so we chose to create 888,888,888,888,888 initial token supply (888 trillion) This total number will decrease over time as we burn tokens in each transaction in order to support the continual growth of the tokens value.

We placed the token on BSC (Binance) blockchain for extremely fast orders and minimal fees .
Auto-lock function sends donations into a vaulted wallet which requires verification from the founding team to safely, securely and accurately access and distribute donation funds

Each transaction will see have the following unique distributions
5% goes to the Vaulted and encrypted Charity Wallet for all donations and projects (all transactions will be publicly visible as they will all run through the bscscan system for full transparency.
4% is redistributed to all holders proportionately
1% is burned.



We have learned a lot of what to do and more importantly what not to do by having studied the crypto space for a number of years and closely monitored the rise and fall of the meme coin recently.

Our growth targets are ambitious but also realistic based on our huge marketing campaigns, our celebrity connections, our amazing prize give-aways, our unique tokenomics, our “rugproof” setup

We have carefully chosen the charity partners we work with. They have been chosen specifically because the money they receive goes directly to those that need it the most. They do not have huge overheads that eat in to the money. Having said that we would like to have a direct link from CIN TOKEN to the children that need it most and we will be working to make this a reality.


Our first short audit was completed May 8th 2021, and our second full audit was done on 11th May 2021 – both completed by TechRate.We passed the first audit with flying colours. Of the 21 categories in the second more detailed audit there is 1 area which was highlighted to us as an area to address and we are working with TechRate and other partners to fix this as soon as we can. We have hired the best experts in the field of Crypto coding and creation to ensure there are no errors that could in anyway affect our investors or our charity partners.

We have also reached out directly to the team at WARONRUGS for whom we have great respect to have them also check on what we are doing and make any suggestions they think would improve our investor’s ability to grow without fear of a rug pull.

We have also ensured that none of the developers of the project are allowed to hold over 2.5% of the total coin supply, we have done this to ensure that no one holder can have a dramatic impact on the price of the token as it grows.

We also welcome any questions or suggestions at:

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